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Press Release: Governor Makes Several Environmental Trust Board Appointments

Lincoln, NE – March 31, 2015 – Governor Pete Ricketts made several Environmental Trust Board appointments in the month of March. The Trust is pleased and honored to welcome two of the previous Board members as well as two new ones to the Board.

The Trust is pleased to welcome our previous board members, Robert (Bob) Krohn and Rod Christen back to the board.

Mr. Krohn was appointed by Governor Johanns in 2002 and represents Congressional District II on the Nebraska Environmental Trust board. His 53-year career included over 25 years as President and/or Chairman of the Board of three Nebraska Companies; HDR, Commercial Federal Bank and PSI Group; all had a National and/or International reach. He also served on numerous Company Boards and State and Community Organizations. He will serve the Trust board till March 10, 2021.

Mr. Christen was appointed to the Trust board in March of 2009 by Governor Heineman. He was a recipient of the 2007 Leopold Conservation Award and the 2008 Nebraska Land Stewardship Award presented by the Partnership for All Bird Conservation as a result of their wildlife friendly practices and land stewardship. Originally from District 1, Rod will now represent District 3 on the Trust board. Rod will also serve the board till March 10, 2021.

Speaking about his recent re-appointment, Mr. Christen said, "I’m very appreciative to have served one term on the NET Board, as it was such an incredible learning experience getting to know and understand the events and projects funded through NET across the State. Agriculture is very important to the State in that it affects everyone. My personal background in farming and ranching helps me to understand how agriculture, natural resources, wildlife and people all need to work together. I look forward to continuing to be a voice for Nebraskans."

A new face on the Trust Board is Mr. Jim Hellbusch. Mr. Hellbusch owns Duo Lift, a company that manufactures wagon lifts to enhance farming operations. Today, Duo-Lift manufactures one of the largest lines of fertilizer trailers and running gears in the country and is known throughout the industry as a manufacturer of high quality equipment with special emphasis on safety. Mr. Hellbusch was appointed on March 19, 2015 and will serve till March 10, 2021.

Mr. Hellbusch added, “I am flattered to be appointed by Governor Ricketts to the Nebraska Environmental Trust Board. I look forward to being a part of the process to enhance and preserve our bountiful and thriving natural resources of Nebraska.”

Another new member on the Trust Board is Mr. Jim Schneider, who is currently the Acting Director for the Department of Natural Resources replacing previous Director Brian Dunnigan.

Also recently appointed by Governor Pete Ricketts is Mr. Jim Macy as Director of the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, thus becoming a board member of the Nebraska Environmental Trust.

Executive Director, Mr. Mark Brohman said, “I look forward to working with the new board members and welcome back Bob and Rod to the board.”
The Trust board is made up of five agency directors and nine citizens appointed by the Governor, three from each of the three congressional districts. Appointments are for a six year term. The Trust was established in 1992 and has funded more than $233 million to over 1,700 projects across the state.

For more information, you may contact Ms Sheila Johnson at 402-471-1714.